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Pocket Idler: Fishing Pond


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Pocket Idler: Fishing Pond
Pocket Idler: Fishing Pond

Welcome, aspiring angler!

Pocket Idler: Fishing Pond is the first cast in a series of relaxing and casual idle games designed to deliver bite-sized satisfaction.

You’ve just acquired a quaint pond nestled amidst a tranquil forest, and with it, the chance to build a legendary fishing haven.

Stock your pond with an ever-growing variety of aquatic friends, from the commonplace to the curiously rare. Upgrade and rent top-notch fishing gear to ensure your customers snag success.

Spruce up your shop with an array of charming decorations, each adding a unique touch to your piscatorial paradise and establishing a permanent popularity boost. Every satisfied customer leaves a positive review, further propelling your reputation and unlocking even more exotic fish to stock your waters.

Gameplay Features:

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Key Fetures:

  • Stock and manage your very own pond with increasingly more rare fish.
  • Upgrade your rental rods and bait to increase customers success and happiness.
  • Upgrade your shop building to increase customer expectations.
  • Install decorations to improve your overall visual flair.
  • Receive positive/negative reviews that effect popularity.
  • Push to get the highest popularity level through upgrades and review and drive up customers rate and unlock new fish types for stocking the pond.
  • Earn money for every fish caught.
  • Set your ticket prices and markup on your fish.
  • Relaxing atmosphere and calm, casual idle gameplay.
  • Adorable and minimalistic pixel art.

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