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Elegy of Fate


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Elegy of Fate
Elegy of Fate

This game combines role-playing, strategy, and MMO gameplay elements in a new RPG battle gameplay. The combat system references the classic tactics of healing, tanking and output similar to World of Warcraft, as well as the monster pulling mechanism of the enemy hate system.

You will face a mystery-filled and challenging adventure, discovering secrets hidden in every corner. Engage in fierce battles with monsters and hostile forces, while skilfully using your masterful control skills and the synergy of your treasured spirits to develop the best strategy. You’ll continue to grow and unlock more skills and abilities to enhance your team’s strength. Unlock the buried memories of this continent.

The story takes place in the legendary source of souls – Eusyad!

The player’s character is miraculously resurrected after dying in the original world. On his quest, he unintentionally picks up the ring that seals the power of the goddess – Ulandia, and with the assistance of the sealed goddess, he gains the ability to manipulate souls and successfully escapes from the pursuit of powerful enemies. Players will take on the role of saviours as they explore the corners of the continent of Eusyad, summoning spirits, treasures, and artifacts scattered throughout the world, and defeating all kinds of powerful enemies to make themselves strong enough to face the final moment of the apocalypse.

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The game’s large map contains a number of explorable maps, and each one is inconsistent.

When you enter a certain map you will encounter a series of event cards where you may encounter combat, traps, and of course lucky rewards.

Players will continue to acquire new characters as they explore, creating their own combat teams to fight to the death against powerful monsters from around the world.

The combat is based on the World of Warcraft-like Iron Triangle model, where the player needs a tank to absorb monster fire, a healing character to maintain the safety of the squad members, and a number of output professions.

Wearing high-quality equipment and good skills is a prerequisite for defeating monsters.

As the game’s plot continues to progress, the number of Spirit teammates available to the player rises. You can mix and match the team members you want to fight before the battle starts to tackle different challenges. Of course, if you prefer to play solo, you can also play with a single team member.

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