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The three time IGF award nominated 1000xRESIST is a thrilling sci-fi adventure. 1000 years in the future, humanity is all but extinguished and a disease spread by an alien occupation keeps the survivors underground. You are Watcher. You dutifully fulfil your purpose in service of the ALLMOTHER, until the day you learn a shocking secret that changes everything.

In the near future we learn we are not alone in the universe. A mysterious alien race of giant entities arrives. We call them the Occupants.

They are not hostile, but it doesn’t matter. Their arrival is a death sentence. Humanity is wiped out in a matter of months, succumbing to a disease the Occupants have brought to our planet.

There is one survivor, a teenage girl called Iris. Somehow she is immune.

1000 years later. Iris is not only immune but immortal. She has birthed a new society consisting exclusively of her own clones.

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Key Fetures:

  • Principal – Head of administration and oversight of the Orchard
  • Bang Bang Fire – Head of military
  • Knower – Head of knowledge preservation
  • Fixer – Head of engineering
  • Healer – Head of medical and cloning

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