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Animalistic Worlds


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Animalistic Worlds
Animalistic Worlds

Animalistic Worlds is an Open-World RPG that takes place in a world where anthropomorphic animals try to live like humans used to in modern society, but often fail miserably due to their animal instincts.

All of this being visible from the lens of one such victim of this world: Hounderick.

A samoyed dog living a pretty dull life of an office worker with an even duller lifestyle of beating up delinquents, stealing their money, harassing shopkeepers for discounts and insulting his neighbors. This changes when he finds out the co-worker he was ignoring for some time, Beardford the bearded dragon, was a CEO’s son. The attempts of getting in contact with this CEO cause a kidnapping to happen that drags both Hounderick and Beardford into a pretty dangerous place, one that Hounderick knows tragically well.

This game features:

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Key Fetures:

  • Giant cities to search through trash, random wooden boxes lying around, or maybe a stranger’s house, to find useful things to mercilessly beat up your enemies in turn-based combat.
  • An optional bug catching minigame to get even more items that make your enemies beg at your feet.
  • Unique NPCs complaining about things at daytime and nighttime.
  • Bribing shopkeepers for discounts
  • Threatening delinquents.
  • Completing quests that are mostly from animals that have no friends.
  • An achievement for sitting on a chair.
  • Talking fish.

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