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Ayura Crisis!


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Ayura Crisis!
Ayura Crisis!

This is an erotic action game where erotic things happen during battle.

Recommended for those who like games with erotic elements included in the system.

Animation is all hand-drawn pixel art.

When erotic things happen to Ayura, her Arousal and Pleasure values increase

and she may fall into erotic states, leading to changes in dialogue and actions.

By cultivating Sensitivity, Proclivity and Passive Skills, she can become weaker to sex, leading to changes in dialogue and Pleasure felt.

Sexual Elements in Battle

Getting attacked while masturbating due to arousal by aphrodisiacs

Getting stripped because of a young man’s prank, and gaining an Exposure tendency because she had sex in that state

Gaining Harassment Fantasies because she got sexually harassed by a gross man for a long time

Getting attacked while unable to stand because she just climaxed

Declaring her own slavedom while being publically trained in the ring

Getting disciplined and spanked as she rides a perverted kid

Becoming dazed by Mesmerizing light and made to have sex as the newly wedded bride of a D*ck

Getting addicted to sex and creampie because she was pumped too much by mob monsters

Getting played with while inhibited from climaxing…

And many other situations and states in which she gets attacked.

Also featuring event-exclusive Futanari and big boobs, as well as clothes.

Can also play as a virgin. (There are no merits or demerits to remaining a virgin.)

Fun Action

This game is battle-focused.

Players can enjoy an original battle system with firm impact and easy controls.


System minimum

System recommended