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Ready to become the best student and win $500,000?

Freshly arrived in the United States for a semester of studies in Economics and Marketing, you find yourself involuntarily enrolled in a competition where you’ll have to succeed in endurance challenges, sports, knowledge tests, and make the right alliances with the right people in order to become the best.

There were 100 of you at the start of the competition. In the end, only one will remain! The B.E.S.T!

This game is an adult visual novel with a competition as its backdrop, in which you play the hero. The entire story and success of our hero depends solely on you! Through your choices in the game, you can become the best student in the class and qualify for the competition rewards, or you can help or betray your friends to help them climb the rankings… or eliminate them.

Make the right choices, take the right decisions, and ally with those who will help you the most in the competition.

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One rule: stay in the competition and win!

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