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Creator of Another World


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Creator of Another World
Creator of Another World


This game is designed to be accessible and enjoyable even for casual players, featuring a relatively easy difficulty level.

As a result, professional players may find it a bit too easy.

Game overview

『Creator of Another World』 is a roguelike RPG with a high degree of freedom.

Explore the world full of adventures, interact with its inhabitants, marry, steal, do farming and fishing, blacksmithing and forging, mix potions, build towns without being tied to any goal!

You can make friends with people you meet on your journey and go on adventures with them, or clear numerous dungeons to become stronger and stronger.

More than that, the world map, all towns, inhabitants, adventurers, and dungeons are randomly generated for each new game, providing a fresh game experience each time.

Every character has a personality

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Every person in the game has unique characteristics, and they act according to their will.

You can go on adventures together or get married with most of the characters.

In addition, this game allows you to create your own original adventurers and let them live in the game.

Great number of random elements

The world map, towns, inhabitants, adventurers, and dungeons are randomly generated for each game.

Furthermore, the various equipment you will find has random properties, and even the same equipment can perform differently.

You can learn enemy skills by reading skill books dropped by enemies.

This game is full of random elements that give you a fresh gaming experience every time.

Highly strategic combat

During battles, the situation can change any moment depending on the characters’ positions, visibility, weather, time of day, etc.

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