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Door in the Woods


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Door in the Woods
Door in the Woods

This game is a venture into an alternative timeline in which graphics and sensible game design were never invented.

Door in the Woods is an open world roguelike inspired by lovecraftian mythos. Explore a world in which every possible extinction scenario became reality – from zombie plague through alien invasion and to awakening of the great old ones.

Player takes role of one of the last survivors who is trying to make sense of the new reality in which even the most basic rules of physics do not always apply. Survival hinges not only on finding enough sustenance or fending off zombies, but more crucially on keeping your mind intact and safe from the horrors. It turns out that suicide is sometimes the better option.


What can you do in this game?

Key Fetures:

  • lack of graphics
  • open world
  • extremely limited color palette
  • day/night cycle
  • almost no audio
  • crafting
  • questionable design choices
  • drink from a puddle and get sick
  • hide in bushes from zombies
  • fight cannibals and ironically eat them afterwards
  • commit suicide
  • find door in the woods

Door in the Woods

Door in the Woods


System minimum

System recommended