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Dungeon of Trials


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Dungeon of Trials
Dungeon of Trials

Looking for a good, balanced and challenging dungeon crawler? Your quest is over! Dungeon of Trials is the adventure you were looking for! Take the role of the Adventurer’s Guild Master and lead a group of four heroes to glory! With 10 different character classes, 50 unique skills, face the dangers of the 5 levels of the Labyrinth of Fulerus!

Do you have the skills required to achieve the ultimate victory?

Key Features:

– Classic 2D J-RPG style combat mixed with 3D Dungeon Crawling!

– Rogue-lite mechanics: Every time your party is wiped out, you are sent back to town. Use the gold acquired during your run to improve the Adventurer’s Guild facilities, like training rooms, alchemy lab and blacksmith’s forge. Your heroes will be stronger the next time you face the challenge!

– 10 different character classes to choose! Start with the “classic four” – Warrior, Mage, Thief and Priestess – and unlock new heroes along the way!

– Player Freedom: Want to try to beat the game with a party of four Mages exploding everything with fire and lightning spells? I’m not going to stop you! Build the party you want, with the adventurers you see fit for every situation.

Dungeon of Trials

Dungeon of Trials


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