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Enemy Trench


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Enemy Trench
Enemy Trench

Enemy Trench is a roguelike set during the Battle of the Somme in the First World War. You play as a British soldier who has ended up in an enemy trench and must fight your through various levels dealing with a multitude of enemies, environments, gas attacks and more all while hoping to weaken the enemy army.


30 Unique levels

Enemy Trench features 30 unique levels all based on various settings in the First World War. You’ll fight your way through trenches, tunnels, minefields, villages and more.

Survive moments of peril

Through out the game you’ll have to make composure checks to deal with various difficult moments, this includes being low on health, facing gas attacks and much more.

9 Different Enemy Types and 3 Challenging Bosses

A huge roster of enemies to fight with, each carrying their own unique set of equipment and weapons that pose a threat to the player. Face off against three tough bosses, those being The Machine Gunner, The sniper and The Flamethrower.

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A Variety of Weapons and Items

A huge selection of Weapons and Items all based on real life counterparts from the First World War. Use Rifles and Pistols to take enemies down at a range, use shovels, Bayonets and swords up close and use Grenades and throwing knifes for those tough situations.

3 Unique Classes

Start the game as one of three classes each beginning with their own set of attributes carrying their own set of weapons and items.

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