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EXOTIUM – Episode 6


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EXOTIUM – Episode 6
EXOTIUM – Episode 6

In 2082, the human species lives in peace, and its technological and societal evolutions

are exponential.

This game series consisting of a season you must be through the eyes of Antoine Harris to a whole future universe of rich science fiction and composed of several stories from the past and the future.

In this episode, Mr Harris will learn more about the past of the man with the headset, in particular the difficult decisions he took in the past which inevitably led to the dangerousness of knowing his identity. will also learn much more about the technological advance that the laboratory has in the field of quantum computing as well as in the mastery of advanced communication.

Gameplay: The gameplay of EXOTIUM games is reduced to the strict minimum like a walking simulator, so don’t expect to play an action game, you will play to discover the history of the characters, through their dialogue and some kinematics, and you will be able to understand the path that humanity took to get to where it is.

Duration: each episode lasts about 40 minutes like a television series.

EXOTIUM – Episode 6

EXOTIUM – Episode 6


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