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Frontball Planet


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Frontball Planet
Frontball Planet

Frontball Planet is a game based on one of the most played sports in the world

Frontball Planet is a video game for 1 or 2 players that reflects the most important aspects of this sport in which players use their hands to hit a ball in order to score goals against their opponents.

Experience fun and action-packed matches in different cities and street spaces, different opponents to defeat and various game modes for both single player and local multiplayer.

Frontball Planet is a simple game that follows the official rules.

Although it is a sports game, the most important thing is the ease in the game and the simplicity of the controls. It is not a simulator but a quick and easy to understand video game that follows the official rules according to the Front Ball Federation. In an environment and with close and funny characters you will learn the rules of this fantastic sport.

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Frontball Planet is customizable

The two main characters are completely customizable as you win matches. You will also find different game options, difficulty and match configuration, the game allows you to create your own gaming experience.

Frontball Planet is a game for the whole family

Without violence and with a fantastic touch of certain pitches, they make this game perfect entertainment focused on all ages and ideal for promoting family play.

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