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Glowing Stones : Heroes’ Awakening


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Glowing Stones : Heroes’ Awakening
Glowing Stones : Heroes’ Awakening

Glowing Stones: Heroes’ Awakening is an Adult Visual Novel centering on themes of RomanceFriendship, Superheroes and Superpowers in a dystopian world dominated by powerful megacorporations, where greed and corruption run rampant and there is very little room for kindness.

Will you be able to discover your power? And… will it be your True Power?!

This is a story-driven game, where you’ll be able to discover and find yourself immersed in a wholesome narrative.

In it, you will be able make a lot of choices that will influence your relationship with the other characters in the game and the way you experience this adventure. Love, Friendship, Romance, Hope and Fear will all accompany you as you make your journey in this world. You’ll begin as a Lambda corporate employee but, soon, you’ll discover you have something that others people don’t have… and that will change your life forever.

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Come, and let yourself be led by your deceased father’s mantra, where you’ll try to use your newfound power to do good in a world where money and corruption are power!

Come, and discover that perhaps your newfound power is not the True Power as mentioned by those celestial beings!

Come, and Awake, to Become A True Superhero!

You’ll be able to meet, and romance, six beautiful and amazing women. Each with their own personality, style, and story. Will you romance all of them or will you choose to just stay with one?

And what would an adult story be without some hot and erotic lewd scenes for you to experience and enjoy!?

In order to survive and rise as a True Hero, you’ll need friends!

You’ll be able to rely on those like Greg, your best friend and/or rely on his beautiful wife, Sheila, as well as rely on a lot of other characters that can help you along during your incredible journey! Allowing you to experience lot of their stories… some sad, some kind and some… quite erotic.

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