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Grand Pskov Story


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Grand Pskov Story
Grand Pskov Story

This is a difficult story that could happen to each of us. A young man named Batruha acquired a serious psychological illness. To heal, he needs to go to group therapy with Dr. X, who conducts experimental courses, putting the wards into a trance. There, Dr. X with the help of a friend Jesus is trying his best to help his patients. Falling under the influence of Dr. H’s hypnosis, Batrukh talks about his new lover, Dunka Kulakova from St. Petersburg, about her secular manners and extreme courtesy. The doctor, considering all the features of this patient, begins his session. But how can all this end for Batruhi? And how will this affect the fate of Dr. X himself? All the favorite stories about the two ends and three pockets played with new colors and unexpected plot twists. The game operates according to the principle of the labyrinth or “What would Jesus do?”, that is, to go through the game, you need to choose the right solutions!