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Hero’s Journey


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Hero’s Journey
Hero’s Journey

※All characters in the game are at least 18 years old

Take down Sexy, Mean witches!

Command-based Combat RPG game where you fight a sexy witch!

2 episodes included!

EPISODE0: Combat with Dealer the witch

EPISODE1: Duel with his younger sister Alice at the lake

You can play from whichever episode you prefer! You can switch at any time!

EPISODE0:Defeat the Wicked Witch!

Take down the mean witch Dealer!

How to play:

Go to next: Space

Skip scene: ESC

Switch screen mode: F11

EPISODE1:Beat up your sassy younger sister!

You are challenged to a duel by your younger sister Alice!

You must win and preserve your dignity as a older brother!

How to play:

Move: WASD

Go to next: Space

Skip Scenes: ESC

Open,investigate: E

Switch screen mode: F11

Automatic dialogue forwarding: Press the A button in the upper left corner during a cut scene

Cast Off: Press the costume button in the upper left corner during a cut scene

Buy items from kind aunt Herba!

Buy equipment at kind Aunt Herba’s shop and beat Alice!

Cast-off system installed!

Let’s take character’s costume off and have fun! EPISODE 1 only

When you lose to a bullying woman…

If you lose to a bullying woman, there are bound to be dire consequences!

※All H-scenes are femdom only!

Hero’s Journey

Hero’s Journey


System minimum

System recommended