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Idle Exorcism Hero (v1.6.0)


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Idle Exorcism Hero  (v1.6.0)
Idle Exorcism Hero (v1.6.0)

Game character:

1. You can control 5 characters in the game.

2. Each character can use different skills.

Pet system:

1. You can bring 5 pets into battle.

2. Each pet can be given different skills. Up to 16 skills can be assigned.

3. As the pet grows, the attributes of the pet can be improved.

Combat system:

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1.5 protagonists and 5 pets fight at the same time.

2. Advocate turn-based combat.

3. Automatic battle, attack in sequence according to the character’s speed attribute.

4. Get rich rewards after winning the battle.

Equipment system:

1. In addition to improving basic character attributes, equipment also has a probability of producing special effects.

2. Special effects make the combat effectiveness stronger.

3. Set effect: When equipped with equipment of the same name, you can obtain set effects and improve character attributes.

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