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iGuide Knossos VR


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iGuide Knossos VR
iGuide Knossos VR

iGuide Knossos aims to enhance the user’s experience as a “digital” visitor to archaeological sites and monuments. Through the detailed 3d reconstruction of the monument based on Arthur Evans’ drawings and illustrations, the visitor is offered a first person navigation in the original form of the monument from any place, at any time. The user is granted the option for a personalized alternative guided tour that will include, apart from narration, animations and educational games.

The subject of the tour’s animations is based on (a) social, such as the everyday life of the monument’s inhabitants, (b) historical, e.g. construction, destruction or excavation and (c) mythological elements.

iGuide Knossos seeks to create a digital cultural reference point, by expanding our cultural assets to a global audience of varying interests and ages. It combines entertainment and education in an accessible and fun way for a wide audience of visitors while also developing a detailed tool for researchers.

iGuide Knossos VR

iGuide Knossos VR


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