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Japanese: A-N


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Japanese: A-N
Japanese: A-N

Japanese: A-N: Now is the time to learn and play!

Japanese: A-N will help you learn Japanese the fun way! The game is designed with a language learning backend with the front end being a fun puzzle game that takes the boring away from studying the tough Japanese language.

Currently, the game contains the entire Hiragana and Katakana alphabets as well as the combination of characters, called Yō-on. You’ll be taught both character sets in the Learn Mode, along with their Romaji (English character versions) counterpoint, and then tested on your progress through Test Mode, where you can gain points (and combo points!) and become fluent as you have fun.

Everything you do in the game is tracked through the database, which learns your strengths and weaknesses and tailors the game to you, giving priority to characters you’re having trouble with. The database kicks in after you’ve been through both alphabets once.

If you score highly in Test Mode, you can unlock the special Advanced Mode which strips away the Romaji and lets you learn Hiragana and Katakana like a native.

Japanese: A-N

Japanese: A-N


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