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■ Point ■

◆ Challenge a non-fixed map each time you enter the dungeon!

Level and Items will be reset if you are dead in challenging a randomly generated dungeon.

The goal of the game is to defeat the BOSS at the deepest space and get “Star Fragments”.

It is a real-time Turn-based game. The enemy will act as the player to take any action.

You can’t undo any action. Please make the operation carefully.

◆ Use “Gimmick” and “Magic Stone”!

Let’s make a way out by using “Magic Stone” which is a consumption type key item in this game.

“Boiling tree” that can brighten and recover by lighting a fire and “Bud” that grows by raising water for collecting nuts.

There are many “Gimmick” everywhere in dungeons and most items can be used for something.

You can get new “Magic Stone” using “Magic Stone Synthesis” function with the same type of “Magic Stone” from familiar friends.

Most of the synthesized “Magic Stone” contains powerful effects.

Clear the dungeon by using “Magic Stone” greatly.

◆ Let’s go on an adventure with an excellent partner who fulls of personality!

At first, only the main character Yulia can select as a leader.

Friends will join as the story going ahead!

You can challenge the dungeon alone.

Challenges with friends will make you explore much easier and more fun.

Each of them has their own unique skills and it is expected that different result of fighting way depending on the skill combination.

◆ Engage your equipment!

Some equipment can be equipped with items such as “Magic Stone” and “Tree Nut” for engagement.

The player can engage with it in weapons or armor at any time.

Not limit with the holding items,




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