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Pythagorean Complex


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Pythagorean Complex
Pythagorean Complex

Prepare to enter the Geogrid.

Traverse a set of eleven colorful levels with a simple goal in mind: to reach the end of each in one piece. Innumerable close calls paired with a killer soundtrack (courtesy of artists Evan King and TeknoAXE) are sure to keep your heart pounding every step of the way.

‘Pythagorean Complex’ is a tough-as-nails arcade-style game in which you play as a Red Node in the Geogrid tasked with defeating a series of electrifying challenges. Activate dormant Red Nodes along the way to remove obstacles and progress through each level, but be cautious of belligerent Green Nodes which will pursue you throughout. Though it may not appear too difficult at first glance, with only a single hit point to spare there’s no room for mistakes.

– Unlock new ‘Nodes’ as you progress through the game.

– Exhilarating chiptune soundtrack.

– Practice each level, plan the most efficient route, and perfect your every movement.

– Master the Geogrid.

Pythagorean Complex

Pythagorean Complex


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