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Think you’re an expert at RPGs? Think again. RogueStone is challenging enough to satisfy even the most hardcore RPG gamers while remaining fun and engaging for those new to gaming. With dungeons that get tougher as they go on, it will take everything you have to survive. You take on an Ascendant role, a being that can travel through portals that are trying to stop corruption from spreading to its source. Source is magic that is fuel for the soul. You’ll amass a collection of RogueStones as you defeat fiends and monsters, which enhance your group members’ abilities. You’ll get stronger by increasing the power level of these RogueStones with every XP earned. These RogueStones are imbued with the properties of fiends and monsters, so they’re simple to understand but have deep mechanics! Which can be very hard to come by and grow stronger every day!


all of those drops.

Key Fetures:

  • Have fun exploring an interactive, imaginative world.
  • Train in a virtual environment and get stronger.
  • Enjoy a never-ending quest for artifacts and power.
  • Game focus on End Game as part of the Main Game Loop.
  • There’s an epic, 20-hour long RPG campaign in this game. Rack up the loot and get
  • The Steam client has 14 achievements, 3 of which are End Game.
  • Each Character is represented by a Character Type: Balanced, Fighter, Tank, Support,
  • With the Alternative Leveling System, your GP values are equally important to you and
  • The best way to get GP in Explore Mode is by destroying crates. You can then spend
  • You’ll encounter increasingly difficult monsters as you explore the world, so it’s a good
  • Play knowing the game never ends by utilizing a ‘Get Better Gear’ or ‘Boost your Stats’ loop.




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