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The Coven of Calahree


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The Coven of Calahree
The Coven of Calahree

In a land filled with magic, three witch sisters are about to reawaken the powerful Calahree. Play out their story as they spread the influence of gluttony throughout the bustling town of Aemple. As their powers GROW just how BIG will anyone get!? Surprises await, as well as rises in weight, in this wonderful new world from the mind of Bobo the Hobo!

Journey to a far away land full of magic where a wicked demon Calahree schemes to rule once more thanks to some thicc, (and slightly thick headed) sisters who are just the ones to help her. After the tables are turned and things go wrong in a BIG way, the wicked trio will need courage,determination, and the help of some outrageous new friends to restore the enchanted kingdom to it’s rightful order.

Players will have to use their turn based RPG skills as the preform quests for the local townspeople and earn their trust. Whether it’s elimination all the rats in the basement for an elderly lady, or helping a superstar nervous about her next big performance, these three sisters will help any way they can. Every task or quest they complete will slowly add to the belief in Calahree and slowly grow your own power as well. You’ll need to buy and upgrade your armor, weapons, and spells in town too, (oh and pack a few extra snacks for healing along the way!)

What will happen as the witch sisters Coven grows? Find out by playing through The Coven of Calahree!

The Coven of Calahree

The Coven of Calahree