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The Orc Of Vengeance


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The Orc Of Vengeance
The Orc Of Vengeance

* FEB 13th 2018 – Updated to English Translated Version!

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An Orc village…

Here there be abducted Human and Elven girls

being relentlessly r*ped and impregnated by Orcs.

A peaceful village living happily in peace.

… but, suddenly one day, that peace was shattered.

The humans came and raided, ransacked and rescued!

Killed the Orcs, burnt the village and destroyed everything.

Deelo, an Orc that was off hunting Humans returns.

Orc (Name: Deelo)

“Funfunnfuuuun~~ Oiii, hey everyooone,

I’ve brought back a girl~! Let’s gangbang her tog…”

The village was but a sea of flames.

His comrades all killed, not even his father was spared…

It was on this day, Deelo’s furious tale of vengeance began.

Key Fetures:

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The Orc Of Vengeance

The Orc Of Vengeance


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