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Transpile Girl Rescue Operation!


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Transpile Girl Rescue Operation!
Transpile Girl Rescue Operation!

In the year 2030, humanoid robot technology has advanced significantly. After working tirelessly for years, you manage to save up to buy a customized companion robot: “Hina” the Sleeping Beauty.

Unfortunately, the Hina you have purchased is defective and will stop functioning in seven days! Using your skills and resources, you begin to save her from a complete breakdown! Unbeknownst to you, she begins to develop a “soul”…

◇ The storyline reflects the main character’s emotional and spiritual growth, showcasing different facets of the female protagonist based on each stage of development!

◇ Character illustrations and CGs are presented in full SPINE 2D animation, combined with interactive modes to enhance the immersive experience!

◇ Play through the various mini-games! This isn’t just a seductive visual novel, it’s an interactive adventure!

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◇ A diverse range of items allows players to trigger special events within a linear storyline and unlock additional CGs. Moreover, acquiring certain items provides more choices during interactions with your partner!

◇ While the main storyline follows a linear path, there are multiple maps to explore, which trigger different conversations. Revisiting these locations after the initial interaction will bring new changes. Additionally, the dialogue may vary based on the female protagonist’s current emotional state, resulting in over 70 different daily plotlines!

◇ Full voice acting (Female lead; Chinese/Japanese)

Transpile Girl Rescue Operation! PC Crack