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“I Have a Date with a Beauty” is a fully dynamic and immersive real-person interactive work that simulates love. You will have a sweet love relationship with girls at different stages in your life. They have appeared at different stages of your life and given you different life experiences. But when they appear in front of you at the same time, what is your choice?

You may not be able to choose too many times in life, but the ninth art gives you the possibility of multiple choices. In “I Have a Date with a Beauty”, you will not only experience the sweetness of love, but also the helplessness of love. All the choices are yours.

A childhood sweetheart? Do men and women really have pure friendship?

Was it your favorite when you were a student? Will the dreams you once had really come to fruition?

Is it the inexplicable urge I had when I saw a beautiful teacher in cool clothes in the summer?

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Is it the anchor who provides you with emotional value after a tiring work day? Is it possible for virtuality to enter reality?

Even that indescribable story? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Game features

1. Immersive first-person perspective, full real-life shooting, real-person interpretation (even most characters appear in their true colors)

2. Multiple branches, multiple endings, 25 completely different endings, and even hidden endings, which need to be explored one by one (falling in love takes time)

3. The results and processes of each new round of the game are likely to be different. As for why the mechanism is different, you can guess it after playing.

Follow us

This is a product produced by a small team of 4 people (not including the cast, crew, directors, screenwriters, etc.). We don’t have the extra energy to create various groups to maintain it, but we will collect every comment from everyone in the table. As the highest priority to continuously optimize our subsequent products.

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