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Olive’s situation is dire. They’re on the verge of being thrown out of college unless they can salvage their GPA, and their only chance rests on classes they know next to nothing about.

Their lifeline: two club leaders who are more than willing to help them succeed. However, no solution is that easy. Olive soon finds themself in the middle of a conflict between these two friends that threatens to undo their long-standing love for each other.

Twofold is a story about love, family, and connection. It celebrates family of all kinds, and explores the strength (and fragility) of bonds between people.

Taking place roughly a year after First Snow, Olive’s position as an outsider to these established friend circles will be vital to fully understanding the situation threatening to undo this close-knit group.

cv: Dottovu

Pessimistic and guarded, Olive lacks much in the way of friends, relying only on their sense of self-reliance to push them through life until now. While college life never came naturally to Olive, confronting their possible dropout is a trial all on its own.

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Key Fetures:

  • Two distinct core paths to travel down
  • Six club members to form friendships with in optional side paths
  • Full English voice acting
  • An expansive soundtrack featuring songs from First Snow as well as several brand new tracks exclusive to Twofold
  • Several accessibility options and UI settings
  • A comprehensive extras list including a CG gallery, guest illustrations, a music room and more!
  • Olive – Dottovu
  • Caprice – Lisa Reimold
  • Millie – Jill Harris
  • Hayley – Elissa Park
  • August – Felicia Valenti
  • Charlie – Lisa Reimold
  • Mike – Sean M.D.
  • Allison – Elizabeth Quedenfeld
  • Eileen – Kira Buckland
  • Wallace – Steven Kelly
  • Tanya – Daisy Guevara
  • Heather – Lily Emil Lammers
  • Darren – Rex Rosario
  • Additional – Eleanor Anwen, Jill Harris, Natalie Van Sistine, Syon

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