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Only YOU can help Mia escape her NEET lifestyle and set her back on the path to a promising future. Will she succeed… or will all her efforts be in vain?


Each day you must choose from a growing list of activities for Mia to complete. Each activity has it’s own Hunger, Energy, and Time cost. By completing the activity, Mia will get a boost to her Mood, Motivation, and Loneliness meters. In order to progress, you must reach a threshold for these meters by a certain date (look at the achievement list for a hint).

There are also three additional meters which become available to the player. These correspond with Mia’s Cleanliness, Room Cleanliness, and overall stress (Overwhelmed). Complete the appropriate activities to reset these meters so that Mia doesn’t receive a penalty when completing other activities.

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Key Fetures:

  • Decide on how Mia will spend her days; be sure to manage her needs and emotions!
  • Eliminate her negative feelings in a fast-paced, shooter-style minigame that gets progressively more difficult.
  • Uncover the events that led up to Mia’s predicament as you progress through the story.
  • Presented using hand-painted pixel art and animations.
  • Original soundtrack made with love.

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