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Paws & Effect: My Dogs Are Human!


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Paws & Effect: My Dogs Are Human!
Paws & Effect: My Dogs Are Human!

Paws & Effect: My Dogs Are Human! is a quirky-comedy visual novel that is brimming with the kind of obsessive love that only pets inspire! Play as Sadie (name customizable), an aspiring lawyer whose life hurls headfirst into chaos when her two dogs (names also customizable) suddenly transform into people! Guide Sadie through this harrowing ordeal, but beware: Mysterious figures lurk in the shadows, monitoring your every decision!

What will Sadie teach the dogs about being human? What will she learn about the realities of canine existence? And who is behind all of these shenanigans? Across a branching 3-5 hour romp, discover the answers to these questions, and maybe a few others that you had hoped to avoid…

~50,000 words spread across multiple paths and 5 distinct endings!

Paws & Effect features a small, but a colorful cast of characters, including but not limited to the following:

Key Fetures:

  • —————————————————————————————-
  • Professionally drawn backgrounds and sprites!
  • Cute music and animations!
  • Hundreds of voice clips across seven major characters!
  • Loads of expressions!
  • Adult humor!
  • Pop culture references!
  • Choices that meaningfully affect in-game events!
  • A robust episode and choice select feature to enhance replays!
  • In-game achievements (or “treats”)!
  • Cute dogs that are based on real dogs!
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Paws & Effect: My Dogs Are Human!

Paws & Effect: My Dogs Are Human!


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